Served on the Council's Finance Subcommittee

  • Supported funding to ensure the continuation of valued city services during the pandemic

  • Advocated for capital budget funds to support energy efficiency projects that provide long-term savings.

  • Identified district needs eligible for federal ARPA funding

  • Selected a new independent auditor for the City

Chaired the Council’s Environment and Sustainability Subcommittee

  • Mobilized community support for the first city building solar panel project on McAuliffe Library

  • Created a new Citizens’ Sustainability Committee

  • Advocated for a youth position on the Committee

  • Formalized an Internal Energy Task Force

  • Launched the Municipal Aggregation process for energy purchasing power

  • Worked on the successful adoption of the Community Preservation Act

continuing efforts

  • Improve the overall budget process to identify ways to bring more value to taxpayers

  • Collaborate on important projects – such as addressing our vacant city-owned buildings

  • Build new relationships with local businesses to foster creative economic development

  • Open the lines of communications and welcome everyone into the process

  • Address traffic concerns, pedestrian safety issues and accessibility improvement

my ongoing priorities

  • Strong schools and quality education with more funding going directly to classrooms

  • Quality, equitable education with appropriate funding and support

  • Protecting our neighborhoods from dense development

  • Preserving open space, creating more, and taking care of our trails, waterways, and natural resources

  • Ongoing progress making Framingham greener

  • Addressing traffic flow, pedestrian and cyclist safety, and accessibility improvements

  • Exploring housing options that meet the needs of essential workers, young families, and seniors

  • Working professionally and respectfully with other city leaders to make progress for Framingham residents